Something From The Supermarket: Satisfying your hunger after hours

Not sure how to satisfy your hunger this evening? With a range of supermarkets all around you in the city centre spanning from traditional British to authentic Thai, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing where to shop for ingredients to whip up a top dish this evening. Use #SheffAfter5 to share your favourite places to grab something for spicing up your homecooked plates this evening.

Marks and Spencer

One of Fargate’s instantly recognisable retailers, Marks and Spencer is open until 6pm every evening and 7pm on Thursdays. With more time to take advantage of, you can get the most out of their foodhall to find everything from mid-week meal inspiration to deli delights. Known for its handcrafted foodie treats and award-winning produce, you’ll be spoilt for choice when selecting something to sample for dinner this evening. Marks and Spencers is a great choice if you want to pick up something expertly prepared and ready for the oven for dinner or inspiration and ingredients to cook up your own flavourful dishes, all whilst enjoying your sparks card offers.

OISOI oriental food market

At the OISOI oriental food market, they’ve a crafted an artisanal approach to everything that they do. OISOI promote a lifestyle steeped in heritage and culture and have travelled across Asia, seeking out artisanal food producers to introduce their stories and culture by bringing astonishing handmade produce to the UK.

The OISOI oriental food market is sectioned up into various food zones including a fresh noodle counter, Shibanuma Soy Sauce area, ‘Grab & Go’ fresh produce and refreshments, and counters for fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat. All of the first floor is dedicated to their in-store dining where ingredients from the food market are used and customers can get the chance to watch their food being cooked through a glass-fronted kitchen. Whether you’re dining in or out, OISOI has everything you need.


Head down to #Oisoi for your grab & go lunch! Why not pick up your fresh ingredients for dinner too?

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Lemongrass Thai Supermarket

Situated in the heart of The Moor Market, you’ll find Lemongrass Thai Supermarket. Lemongrass Thai Supermarket is The Moor’s first official specialist in Thai and oriental cuisine. Their mission is to provide the people of Sheffield with all the ingredients and know-how to get you cooking up a storm in the kitchen. On their stall, you can find a great selection of fresh and dry products from Thailand and around Asia on offer, along with advice on how to use the products if you need it to take your skills in the kitchen to the next level.