Mooching Around Sheffield’s Vintage Scene

Sheffield is bursting to the brim with shops that have sourced the very best vintage pieces for you to add to your unique style. Located in the heart of the Devonshire Quarter, Mooch Vintage offers the very best in high-quality vintage gear. With rails filled with authentic vintage treasures and a reputation for friendly service, Mooch is quite the champion in Sheffield's vintage clothing scene. With everything from tea dresses from the 40s to sports tops from the 90s, Mooch Vintage is renowned for curating pieces that will suit all tastes, we spoke to Mooch’s own Lucy about what it means to be a part of Sheffield's busy shopping scene.

Settled right in the heart of Division Street, Mooch is hard to miss. What’s more, they’re open until 6pm most evenings, so if you haven’t already sampled their cool vintage clobber, now is the time. Take a look at #SheffAfter5 to find out which shops, boutiques and emporiums are staying open for longer, and be sure to share your favourites.

What’s your favourite part of Sheffield City Centre?

I really love the Division Street area, where we’re based. Sheffield’s such an independent, creative city and this part of the centre is just full of independent shops, cafes and bars. Our old shop used to be on Westfield Terrace, but moving to Division Street has meant we can draw more attention to our range of old-timey tracksuits, authentic leather and groovy accessories in a bigger unit on a busier street. We get a lot of footfall from the amount of people passing up and down, too.

Why do you choose to stay open later into the early evening?

We open from 10am-6pm every day other than Sunday, and I’d definitely say our busiest hours are between 4pm-6pm. People tend to pop in after work, we catch customers on the way home who might not have had time to take a look in during their working day. Division Street has a lot of offices surrounding it, and it’s on that direct route to the station too, so we get most of our customers nipping in before they leave the city centre for the night.

What’s been a highlight of Mooch’s over the last couple of years?

Tramlines is always a good party for us, we have DJs in, competitions, free drinks, goodie bags...there’s always loads going on. Even with the move to Hillsborough, Tramlines still brings in the crowds to the city centre. Because the whole of Division Street is always packed, last year we ended up having one big street party. Take a look at what we got up to last year here:

How does your customer base change throughout the year?

We have a really diverse mix of people and age groups coming through the door every day, but put it this way - we notice when the students go home! Vintage clothing will always be loved, sportswear especially is really popular at the moment.

There’s a whole host of student events we’ve put on in the past, from lock-ins to discount sales and DJ nights - keep an eye out for similar events in the future, we love holding them!

Have you had a chance to stop by Mooch? Whether you're after new cords or some fresh kicks, Mooch Vintage has you covered from head to toe. Why not have a deeper look around the Alive After Five website to see what other late night treasures Sheffield has to offer your plans.