Looking At Lush Sheffield

Planning an evening of ultimate relaxation? Nestled in the heart of Fargate, Lush is open until 6pm most evenings, so you can discover their beautifully scented beauty and bath products, all of which are completely cruelty-free. Exploring Lush will help you to find the perfect bathroom, bubble bar and everything in between, helping you unwind after a long day at the office. We spoke to Ivvy Jones, Lush Sheffield’s Store Manager, about how Lush is thriving amongst the hustle and bustle of Fargate and what it is that makes their store one worth stopping by after hours.

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What made you open Lush in Sheffield city centre?

We have 2 branches of Lush in Sheffield - one in Meadowhall, and this one on Fargate. It’s nice being in the centre because Sheffield’s such a super busy, student-filled city, and the ethics and culture of the city match up so well with our ethos. We’re a self-made, working-class brand that’s worked hard to get where we are, and Sheffield’s the same - it’s a working class, industrial city that’s beginning to push forward. Lush started out as a homemade brand in our founder’s kitchen, and Sheffield definitely has that same kind of mindset.

You mention how much Lush and Sheffield’s values align - how do trends in the city influence your business?

Lush has always been about ethical, sustainable values. Now we’re seeing those trends pushing forward in the city, it’s exciting to see how this is impacting on our own ethos. Ever since we started making and selling our own products in 1995, we’ve focused on vegetarian, cruelty-free, ethically sourced products. Veganism and environmental awareness are growing and growing in Sheffield, and we’re working on making even more of our ranges vegan and cruelty-free. Our bath products now don’t include honey, so they’re 100% cruelty-free, and can be used by people who are allergic to other bath products. We’re becoming more and more aware of the impact veganism and climate change have on the world - the climate change rallies in the city a few weeks ago show how much of a priority ethically sourced products are becoming.

Your Fargate store stays open until 6pm - how does this influence your sales?

We get a lot of interest in the store later in the day, the shop’s open until 6pm and customers even want to come in after then! Staying open into the early evening makes us more accessible. Sheffield has a huge international community, and retail stores stay open later internationally, so we can cater for more people that way. Staying open later means customers can come and see us after they finish work, too - this is such a working-class city, so opening later means we can cater for everyone who has to get the day job done before they can shop. Later opening hours just mean the whole city becomes a lot more accessible.

Holding events on Thursday nights has also been really busy for us. In the past, we’ve held events like vegan masterclasses, self-care and mental health classes, LGBTQ events, face mask making sessions…there’s always something going on!

What has Lush been up to lately?

Last Saturday, we were at Sheffield Town Hall with Down the Aisle, an alternative wedding fair. We were giving out massages, chatting to people from all across the city about bespoke skincare. We hope you had chance to come and find us!

We’re coming up to the 30th anniversary of the bath bomb, too. Our Sheffield store will be handpicking the bath bombs and products that our team have chosen and curated, as well as launching exclusive new products to celebrate the launch. Each store in different cities will be curating their own favourites, so the collection will be made up of the products our team really love.

What’s your current favourite Lush product?

The Full of Grace facial serum, it’s a really refreshing, solid moisturising serum with zero packaging.

Anything else you’d like to shout about?

Come and see us at Lush, it’s great!

Have you been to Lush lately? Whether you’re after a bath bomb or something bubbly, pop into Lush Sheffield to discover a whole host of treats nestled in the heart of the city centre. While you’re here, why not have a look around Alive After Five to explore which of your favourite high street stores are staying open for longer.