Get Glam With Kiko Milano’s Top Tips

Whether you’re going out for a meal with your other half or spending the night with friends, make sure your make-up is on point with Kiko Milano’s top tips from their masterclass.

Beautiful brows

  1. Sculpt out the brow from underneath using a pencil
  2. Draw upwards to create hair strokes for a natural look
  3. Use concealer and a straight flat brush to go round the brow and create definition
  4. Set the eyebrow and keep the hairs in place with brow gel over the top

Awesome eyes

  1. Start with an eye primer base to make sure your eyeshadow stays on all day
  2. Use a soft brown eyeshadow as a transition colour above the crease to blend out
  3. Use a darker colour in the crease to really make your eyes pop
  4. With a flat brush, pat your chosen colour onto the eyelid, using shimmer for some extra glam
  5. Correct any mistakes with concealer and a straight, flat brush – especially with winged eyeliner

Fantastic face

  1. Always start with a primer to keep your foundation in place and make it last longer
  2. Use concealer under your eye to blend the eyeshadow you’ve used
  3. For a heavier look use cream contour with powder on top, or for a softer look, just use powder
  4. Use a fan brush for the highlighter – spray the brush with fixing spray for a bolder appearance
  5. To keep your make-up in place, use a finishing spray all over

Luscious lips

  1. Line your lips first to create an outline – start at the cupid’s bow
  2. Fill in the rest with your desired lipstick and correct any mistakes with a straight flat brush and concealer

Hot products

Wondering what products to use? Wonder no more! Here’s a list of what the Kiko staff recommend.

  • Brow gel mascara
  • Water eyeshadow 208
  • Highlighter
  • Make-up fixer spray
  • Natural concealer
  • Neutral eye base
  • Precision eyeliner
  • Everlasting lip liner
  • Sculpting touch contour stick 200
  • Fan brush 12
  • Flat straight brush 61
  • Blending brush 56
  • Contouring brush 11