Where To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth In Sheffield

We all love a sweet treat every now and then. Whether you’re a chocolate or caramel person, or have a taste for both, there’s somewhere in the city centre to treat yourself after 5pm.

Patisserie Valerie

With a window as enticing as theirs, Patisserie Valerie was always going to make the list! Black forest gateaux, cheesecake, mille feuille, eclairs and an array of tarts - whatever you’re in the mood for, these guys have something you’ll love.

The best thing is, they’re open ‘til 8pm Monday to Friday!

Tamper Coffee

Friday night means After Hours at Tamper Coffee Sellers Wheel, when they open their doors ‘til 9pm. Alongside some savoury dishes, beers and cocktails, they’ve got some glorious sweet treats to round off your week.

They’re constantly adding new goodies to their selection, so ask the team what they’ve got on the day. Anything with caramel or peanut butter is definitely a good shout, though!

Cafe Rouge

It’s perfectly acceptable to go out for dessert, right? We think so, and Cafe Rouge have a great selection to choose from.

Their menu includes some fab French classics, like creme brulee, tarte au citron and fondant aux chocolats. If you can’t decide which you prefer, there’s always the Cafe Gourmand, which includes a miniature creme brulee, mousse au chocolat and tarte au citron served with an espresso. Yum!

Sundaes Gelato

There are few things as delicious and comforting as gelato, and the dishes served up by Sundaes Gelato look exceptionally tasty!

Warm chocolate chip cookie dough or brownie dough with a helping of gelato, waffle sundaes, banoffee pie, chocolate fudge cake… there’s so much to choose from, we can’t decide what sounds best. They’re open ‘til 11pm Monday to Friday, so there’s plenty of time to sample all they have to offer.