Where To Get Your Noodle On For World Pasta Day

From macaroni and tagliatelle to penne and linguine, we all love a bit of pasta, so it’s only right to have an entire day dedicated to it!

Whatever dish you fancy, one of our city’s fine eateries will have something you’ll love.


Whether you’re in the mood for a creamy carbonara or a luxurious Linguine All’Aragosta - that’s half a lobster, tomato, chilli and basil to you and I - Piccolino’s Italian inspired menu offers up some incredible flavours.

The lasagne comes highly recommended, slow cooked to perfection. Your only problem will be knowing which pasta dish to choose!

Mama’s and Leonies

This family restaurant was the region’s first pizzeria and has been going since 1968! They’re passionate about their food, which you can tell from their deliciously traditional Italian menu.

From Spaghetti Napolitana to Lasagne Verdi, Mama’s and Leonies have got the whole host of classic flavours that will send you on a little trip to Italy. The Ravioli Gratinati features savoury meats in a rich tomato and bolognese sauce topped with cheese - sounds like a right treat! See you there?

Ask Italian

Italian by name, Italian on the menu! Made with fresh egg tagliatelle, their Pasta Fresca range puts a fancy twist on the classics, by adding asparagus and three cheeses to carbonara and making a bolognese with slow-cooked brisket and chianti.

Al forno and classic pasta dishes are also up for grabs, and a gluten free fusilli substitute - so everyone can enjoy World Pasta Day!


Strada’s pasta dishes come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re in the mood for something a bit lighter, or you fancy sharing a couple of dishes with your fellow diner, all their pasta dishes are available in starter sized portions as well as full main sizes. Noodles away!

Now you just have to decide which delicious plate of goodness you want, we’ve got our eye on the Chicken Cavatappi, pan-roasted chicken in a mushroom and tarragon sauce? Yes please!

Marco’s New York Italian

Marco’s amazing menu has been designed by Yorkshire chef Marco Pierre White himself and, trust us, it looks so good!

The classics, like bolognese, carbonara and pesto, are all present at Marco’s if you’re in the mood for some familiar flavours. Want something a little different? There’s plenty of options for you, too! Their Lasagne of Wild Mushrooms puts a woodland twist on a classic, while the Severn and Wye Salmon Cannelloni features a delicious mix of pasta, salmon, spinach and a creamy cheese sauce - yum!