Trafalgar Warehouse: Highlights Of The Night

The launch event of The Street Food Warehouse was a huge success! We had a fantastic evening, sampled some glorious food, enjoyed the tunes & met some wonderful local food & drink bloggers who gave the night their seal of approval. Check out our highlights of the night:

Dim Sum Su: With homemade dumplings and steamed pork buns on offer, Dim Sum Su was always guaranteed to be a winner! Food & drink bloggers Mashtun and Meow gave their verdict and said “it’s lovely to see the traders creating the food in front of you; the pork in particular was really succulent and tasty.”

The Greedy Greek Deli: Authentic Greek food made fresh, with only the best ingredients, herbs and spices. Food & Drink bloggers Sheffield Eats say “The koftas were nicely done, so much food! Really good quality, you can tell they take pride in what they do.”

Homeboys: Spicy Katsu curry is the perfect winter warmer! Mashtun and Meow’s opinion: “Really fruity, flavourful and spicy… Delicious!”

Mondo’s Pizza: Who doesn’t love a good stone-baked pizza? Sheffield Eats loved it: “The vegetables on the veggie pizza were nice and crunchy, really authentic; I can’t say enough positive things about this stall.”