Bungalows and Bears - Discovering Burgers and Bands

Not sure where your evening plans will take you? Whether you’re after a range of quality craft beers or relaxing in an old building that once housed the fire engines that served the city, Bungalows and Bears has something for everyone. Most well known for its burgers and bands, it's the perfect place to see some of the most exciting up-and-coming talent whilst getting your fill of some of the best food in town. We spoke to Bungalows and Bears Manager, Dan Oughton, about the highs of being in the heart of the city centre and what it is that makes Sheffield so special.

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What do you like about being based in Sheffield city centre?

It’s really lively, there’s a real community feel. So many local artists and bands play here, there’s always an event going on or a new DJ playing. People care about each other in Sheffield, and that comes across, especially around this area of the city on Division Street.

Where're your favourite places to eat and drink in the city centre?

As a team, we always go to The Great Gatsby for a drink. There’s the triangle of Bungalows and Bears, The Great Gatsby and The Wick at Both Ends that never lets you down. For food, Red Deer’s great, or the breakfast at Green Room’s always a winner when you’ve had a big night. We’re friends with lots of the other independent businesses in the city, that’s part of what makes Sheffield so special - there’s a real community in this part of the city centre.

Any events coming up you want to shout about?

Loads! Some of the ones we’re most excited about are;

New Menu Launch Night on April 11th - there’ll be free food from the new menu, free drinks and DJs from 7-10pm.

Cafe Kissa Frank Ocean Listening Session on March 28th - https://www.facebook.com/events/1992383997735883/

This is Happening #02 on April 26th - we’ve held one of these indie nights before, so it’s really exciting to be hosting it again.


And a couple more coming up;

May Bank Holiday Weekend on May 6th - New York Brass Band in collaboration with Sheffield Uni, this always brings the crowds in.

Maisha Jazz Night on May 23rd -


We’re announcing our Tramlines line up at the end of April, keep an eye out for that! It’s going to be our biggest one yet, we’re really excited. Because Tramlines has moved to Hillsborough Park, the Fringe events have got to be bigger and better than ever before, we’ve got some massive acts lined up.

All our events are free, we think it’s really important to stay accessible. Because the city centre gets busier after work, we get a lot of walk-ins too, so free entry definitely helps with that. We’ve got a weekly pub quiz, monthly jazz nights and the Pooch Party every Sunday - Sheffield’s a really dog-friendly city, so it’s nice that our brunch can cater for dog lovers too!

How has the city centre changed over the last few years?

We’ve been open for nearly 13 years now, and the centre’s really changed in that time. There’s always been a big student population here, that’s partly why we have so many events going on, we stand out that way. The city centre will always be good for after work drinks, there’s always something going on here around early evening when people begin leaving work.

You’re missing a trick if you haven’t noticed the huge increase in the number of people requesting vegan or vegetarian options, it’s definitely a trend that’s becoming bigger and bigger in Sheffield. Places like Make No Bones and Peddlers Market show how popular veganism is, so it’s really exciting that there are more veggie and vegan dishes cropping up in the city centre too. Our new menu has got lots more vegan and vegetarian options coming up.

What’s your favourite thing on your menu?

Off the old menu or the top-secret new one?! My current favourite is the Chewy Louie burger, it’s chorizo and halloumi and has always been really popular. From the new menu, we’ve got a sharing grilled chicken with peri peri sauce that I love.

Eagerly anticipating experiencing the new menu for yourself? Head down to Bungalows and Bears for a whole range of burgers, or check out their Facebook Page for events that truly stand out from the crowd. While you’re here, why not explore the rest of Alive After Five to discover independent Sheffield at its finest.