Themed Quizzes in the City Centre

It's safe to say we all love a good pub quiz, but isn't it heart-breaking when you don't get to show off some of your super-fan knowledge? Whether you're a Star Wars fanatic, or obsessed with the The Simpsons, Sheffield City Centre has the quiz for you!

 Firepit Rocks - Star Wars

Firepit Rocks

Think you're the biggest Star Wars fan in Sheffield? It's time to find out! Join Firepit Rocks on the 19th January for their Star Wars themed Quiz! It's only £1 entry and there's plenty of drinks offers to see you through the night! So, it's time to start gathering your team and thinking of a name, as there's a £25 bar tab at stake. For more information, visit:

Walkabout - Gavin and Stacey 


What's occurring? Walkabout are hosting a Gavin and Stacey Quiz on the 20th January for all you die-hard fans out there! It's time to brush up on your knowledge for this tidy quiz and pull a team together. Join them from 7pm where it's £3 entry per person, with the possibility to win the massive £80 jackpot! For more information visit:

BrewDog - The Simpsons


Are you a Simpsons super-fan? It's time to put your knowledge to the test! BrewDog will be quizzing you on seasons 2-10 on the 21st January. So, you better get binge watching now so you can win some of the amazing prizes up for grabs! For more information, visit:

Triple Point Brewery - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Triple Point Brewery

How well do you know 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia'? Triple Point Brewery are here to test you on all 14 seasons! Join them on January 27th at 7pm with your team and treat yourself to a pint or two while you're at it! Expect hard, hilarious questions... For more information, visit:

There's lots to do in Sheffield City Centre after 5pm, so make the most of it! Remember, we love seeing your pictures, so make sure you tag us @SheffAfter5 and use #SheffAfter5. Happy quizzing!