Review: Closer at The Montgomery

Witty and intriguing, Day One’s latest production of Patrick Marber’s ‘Closer’ takes a snapshot of the fickle modern mind. It reveals the unsettling nature of love, and leaves the audience reeling from the illogical ways in which it turns everything on its head.

Despite little in the way of set or props, the intimate cast paints a vivid and unforgiving picture of the contemporary relationship – whether amicable or otherwise, this love tangle is not something you’re going to want to bring the whole family to witness. With profanities a-plenty, mixed in with a healthy dose of lying, deceit and strip clubs, it’s raw, it’s authentic – it’s life.

With little introduction, we’re thrown into a chance meeting between an underconfident Dan and the enigma that is Alice, sat in a hospital waiting room examining each other like dogs in the local park.

Charmed by Dan’s childlike and endearing crust-less packed lunch, the pair embark on a tumultuous journey of secrecy and physical attraction – one that becomes interrupted by lonely dermatologist Larry and under-appreciated photographer Anna.

Dan and Anna ( Freddie Swan and Jade Strain)
Dan and Anna ( Freddie Swan and Jade Strain)

Desire then steps up, throwing everything off-balance, leaving trust by the way-side and plenty of space for lust.

Watch as the four become intertwined in each other’s lives, reacting on chemical impulses with passion and primeval action.

As a fresh interpretation of the 1997 play, this time with a minimalist setting and clever script, Day One theatre has successfully communicated what it must feel like to be caught up in the midst of a conflict of emotion and physical desire. It has no need for a convincing back-drop, as the characters themselves provide full colour and depth of life. They explore the harsh realities of love in a way that leaves you wanting to know what happens next – something that is left for only you to figure out.

‘Closer’ shows at The Montgomery theatre until 10 November. Find your tickets here.