Festival of Debate Events to Watch Next Week

Yet to get involved with all that the Festival of Debate has to offer? Running until June, you still have plenty of time to soak up some of Sheffield's finest voices on a plethora of topics. Drop by their website to discover more of what's going on around the city for evening plans that switch things up. Use #SheffAfter5 to share your favourite Festival of Debate experiences.

Monday - 7:00pm to 9:00pm -Central United Reform Church

Shaking The Magic Money Tree, The Death of Tina & New Economics

If you’re looking to get involved in modern day politics during the Festival of Debate, Shaking The Magic Money Tree could be the one for you.

Theresa May’s comment about ‘the magic money tree’ attracted attention as an election soundbite, but it also opened itself up to scrutiny. The evening will look at some of the issues this raises and challenges faced by hidden truths for evening entertainment like no other.


Tuesday - 6:30pm to 8:30pm - Tingas

Where Does Tinsley Get Its Food From?

Want to get to know your local environment a little bit more? Why not head down to Tingas on the 21st for Where Does Tinsley Get Its Food From?

With a range of new food-related projects emerging in Tinsley, from hydroponics to community allotments, this event will explore food security and food waste pressures, to see how can Tinsley respond to this challenge. Take part in their Where Does Tinsley Get Its Food From? and you can get involved in discussions with community groups, academics and activists from the local area.


Wednesday - 7:00pm to 9:15pm - Central United Reformed

Stopping The Plundering of Africa

Looking to get more involved with the Festival of Debate? Stop by Central United Reformed where you can experience Stopping the Plundering of Africa to take part and debate with their panel of speakers about their own recommended contributions to changes in policies and society to help end injustice.

Take your seat to hear a host of speakers do what they do best. Martha Musonza Holman of the Fairtrade charity Love Zimbabwe sets the scene of Zimbabweans’ everyday lives, Africa UK’s Gbenga Shadare describes working with insiders who assisted looters, Jubilee Debt Campaign’s Tim Jones reveals how UK banks facilitate ruinous debt and Christian Aid’s Sophie Efange argues for reparations for Britain’s violent colonial history.


Thursday - 7:30pm to 10:00pm - Sheffield City Hall

The Guilty Feminist: Live

After plans that explore deeper into modern issues? Stop by Sheffield City Hall on the 23rd May for The Guilty Feminist: Live. The Guilty Feminist podcast has become a comedy phenomenon with over 50 million downloads since it launched in late 2015. Comedian Deborah Frances-White and her guests will be looking at the goals of 21-century feminists whilst looking at the insecurities, hypocrisies and paradoxes that undermine them from every angle.


Friday - 6:00pm to 7:00pm- Millennium Gallery

Sermon of The Soil: Soil Degradation & The Unfolding Global Disaster

Want to understand more about the changes in the environment around you? Head to the Millennium Gallery from 6pm on the 24th for Sermon of The Soil: Soil Degradation & The Unfolding Global Disaster.

Professor Duncan Cameron, co-director of the Institute of Sustainable Food, talks about his research into soil degradation across the globe, one of the greatest threats to agriculture. Prof. Cameron looks at the past and present issues, and what we can do to develop sustainable agriculture to feed the world’s population.



Great event last night with Natalie Bennett and Hugh Warwick on biodiversity and bioabundance @wearetheroco. #FofD

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